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How to use the rubber roller, how to use the rubber roller correctly for everyone to introduce:

Newly cast composite rubber rollers should not be put into use immediately

Since the internal structure of the newly cast rubber roller is not stable enough, it is easy to reduce the service life if it is put into use immediately. Therefore, the new rubber roller that has just been released should be placed for a period of time, so that the composite rubber roller maintains a relatively stable state after being exposed to the ambient temperature and humidity, which can increase the toughness of the colloid and thereby improve the durability.

Correct storage of idle composite rubber rollers

After the composite rubber roller to be used should be cleaned, the plastic film is used to enclose the gel and placed on the rubber roller frame. Do not stack a few pieces or place it by the wall, so as to avoid the gel being unacceptable. loss. During the transportation process of the used rubber roller to the processing and casting, it is forbidden to throw the chaotic pressure or heavy pressure, keep the roller core unbiased and not bent, to ensure the normal use of the roller core.

Rubber roller heads and bearings should be well lubricated

We know that the precision of the composite rubber roller shaft head and bearing directly affects the effect of ink transfer and ink discharge. If the poor lubrication causes the rubber roller shaft head, the wear and clearance of the bearing will inevitably lead to the disadvantage of uneven printing ink color. At the same time, it will cause printing bar marks due to bad conditions such as jumping rubber and slip rubber. Therefore, the compound rubber roller shaft and bearings should be filled with lubricating oil to prevent the normal use of the wear roller and ensure the printing quality.