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      Jiangsu Dongsheng Rubber Roller Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of various rubber rollers, nylon rollers and stainless

steel rollers. The products cover a wide range of printing machinery rubber rollers, folding mechanical rubber rollers, traction mechanical rubber rollers, and conveying

machinery. Rubber roller, acid and alkali resistant mechanical rubber roller, punching mechanical rubber roller, woodworking machinery rubber roller, glass mechanical

rubber roller, textile mechanical rubber roller, composite mechanical rubber roller, glazing mechanical rubber roller, papermaking machinery rubber roller, coating machinery

Rubber roller, metallurgical mechanical rubber roller, laser mechanical rubber roller, hot stamping mechanical rubber roller, plastic for industrial use, Ding Qing, EPDM,

chloroprene, chlorinated polyethylene, silicone rubber, urethane rubber, butyl rubber roller and Nearly 10,000 specifications of chrome-plated copper, stainless steel roller,

UV-UV rubber roller, electrostatic ink-absorbing rubber roller, anti-static rubber roller and rubber miscellaneous parts


      The company has a professional rubber roller processing production line and testing equipment, unique process formula, and is constantly committed to the

research and development of new products, the product quality is deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers.


     With the concept of precision research and development and professional manufacturing, Dongsheng Rubber Roller provides high-precision rubber rubber

rollers, nylon rollers and stainless steel rollers for various purposes for domestic and foreign users with more than 20 years of performance.