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董事长致辞 Chairman's speech

董事长致辞 Chairman's speech





Jiangsu dongsheng rubber roller manufacturing co., ltd. is located in shengli road (industrial park), huangqiao town, taixing city, the famous old revolutionary base area in China. Jung lung & quot; Brand cots become a well-known brand in the industry.

In the new century, the company fully integrates with international advanced technology and establishes technical advantages. Invested heavily in the introduction of advanced cots production equipment, testing equipment, improve the production and processing capacity. With the innovation of the system, the training of the talent echelon and the continuous innovation of the technology, we can absorb the advanced management experience and meet the increasingly close international peer competition.

The company nearly more than twenty years of pioneering history, thanks to the ups and downs of the staff and cadres, thanks to the good cooperation over the years of customer friends. The new century is also a new starting point. I firmly believe that the prospect of dongsheng company will be more spectacular and more beautiful with the continuous fighting spirit of dongsheng employees. Thank you again for visiting our company's website. I sincerely hope you can visit our company and cooperate with us happily.